our philosophy

We started out on April Fool’s Day, 2024. This blog serves to counteract the never-ending river of shit generative AI is about to drown the internet in. The writing here will span from earnest and sincere, irreverent and kooky, to pointed and sarcastic. We are exhausted of the lifeless-yet-polite tone of ChatGPT, Bard Gemini, and whatever this week’s flavor-of-the-month Chatbot is. Our voice strives above all else to be distinctly human.

The Sections

Techno-nihilist Takes: generally a techno-pessimist, these articles serve as a refreshing counterbalance to whatever today’s hype is about. m
The Wall St. Urinal: this section deals with economic matters of all types.
Campbell’s Condensed Knowledge: here you’ll find explanations, guides, information, and most important flowcharts.
Unhinged Opinions: a potpourri of garbage served hot and fresh.

Absolutely none of our content is produced by a.i.

None, zero, not a word. We refuse to publish any content that was AI-generated or AI-assisted. You may call us Luddites, but we believe in content for humans by humans.